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What causes the planetary reducer to heat up?

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The noise of the cycloid reducer is inherently large. If the noise is large and the oil temperature has not changed, it is generally irrelevant, or the noise value is checked to confirm that the noise value is within the normal range.

Lubrication problems often cause problems with the heat and noise of the planetary reducer. If there is too much oil, the oil will lose power and cause a lot of heat. If the lubricating oil is too small, the friction line reducer should generally be installed vertically. In this case, the small type of reducer is generally greased, and the large model is generally forced lubrication to confirm whether the lubrication line is blocked.


Whether the alignment between the planetary reducer and the passive shaft exceeds the required range. If the alignment is not good, the planetary reducer output bearing will have excessive radial force. If it is serious, the oil seal will be worn out a lot, and the eccentric body shaft will wear. May generate a lot of heat.

The planetary reducer itself has problems, the machining accuracy is very low, and the curve plate and the pin gear are not well meshed. The curve plate is the core component of the cycloid reducer. The general low quality manufacturers use wire cutting, and the grinding teeth are not. Specialized machine tools, or the use of modified machine tools, result in very low precision resulting in a lot of noise and a lot of heat.

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